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Los Voraces 2019 (soltis)


byAndrew Soltis Paperback: 258 pagesPublisher: McFarland & Company (November 2003)ISBN: 0786416378The rules of "The Greatest Tournament in Chess History" the $20 million Sheldrake Memorial Tournament, held in Las Voraces 2019, are: no seconds, no agents, no computers, no entourages, no pagers, no phone calls, no outside contact of any kind. The fourteeen greatest chess players in the world gather to compete for money, fame and eccentricity - and start turning up dead. Everyone is under suspicion. This fabulous chess mystery novel is full of game scores and diagrams - some pretty amazing games are played at Los Voraces! It's all told from the point of view of the arbiter, who is quickly drawn from his role as observer to that of target and suspect. With five rounds to go, five corpses have been discovered. Just who is the serial killer with a preference for 2700 - rated Grandmasters.