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Ms Monopoly (bil)

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Women make more money than meN
Who you are is up to you' But Ms. Monopoly is offering women a higher payout at the start of the game and more money when passing GO.
Board spaces are inventions by women
Instead of properties, purchase some of the things that wouldn't exist without the innovative women who invented them!
Railroads are now ride shares
When you land on a ride share, you get to zoom ahead to the next ride share space, moving you around the board more quickly so you can make more money!
Utilities have been updated
Spread-spectrum radio (which gave us Wi-Fi!) and solar heating were both invented by women. Wi-Fi and solar heating replace the water works and electric company. You can purchase these just as you would the classic utilities.
Build headquarters instead of houses and hotels
Dream big' Once you own a complete color set of inventions, you can build business headquarters and collect even more rent!


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