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Suttles Chess on Edge V2

Suttles Chess On Edge V2


byBruce Harper and Yasser SeirawanExplore the unique and confusing chess of Canadian Grandmaster Duncan SuttlesIn this, the second volume of a three-volume series, over 200 games of Canadian Grandmaster Duncan Suttles are analysed in depth. This volume features games which begin with the "A" category of openings, using the opening classification system popularized by the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings.Classifying Suttles' openings is no easy task. The reader will find many games described as "Unnamed Opening", which have in common only the signature first move 1.g3. The opaque intricacies of the "Suttles System" are explored in this volume, along with many epic games starting with the English Opening, which Suttles played for White and faced as Black. Many of Suttles' attacking ideas from the Closed Sicilian (coming in Volume 3) are seen here.Another important series of games for the serious student are the "Rats" (1...g6) where White foregoes an immediate attack and proceeds more positionally with 3.c4. The Strategic plans and tactics Suttles devised in this opening are as valid today as when they were played.Most of all, this volume features many hard-fought, uncompromising and confusing games by one of the most original and fearless Grandmasters to have played the Royal Game.