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Studies For Practical Players Bk 2


Nowadays, chessplayers spend almost all their free time preparing openings, and rarely spend the time necessary to perfect the vitally important technique of calculating. Regular training in solving and playing out endgames studies is a good recipe for eliminating that shortcoming.

This book – the sequel to Studies for Practical Players released over a decade ago – is mostly aimed at practical players who wish to improve their chess skills by developing imaginative and preventive thinking, while perfecting calculation of variations and knowledge of basic endings. In addition, this work will certainly be appreciated by every lover of beauty, logic and paradoxicality of the game.

The creative collaboration between a famous trainer with a world-renowned name and a study composer who has earned the title of International Grandmaster of Composition will give chessplayers the best of both worlds: The elegance of endgame studies and the practical application of endgame theory.

[Endgame studies] are an excellent training tool ... everything is as close to battlefield conditions as can be. Of course, the contents of the book are not nearly limited to studies by one author. It also includes wonderfully annotated creative works of many outstanding chess study composers and practical players. Outstanding! – From the Foreword by Garry Kasparov