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Sicilian Defense Last Decade


byNikolay Minev "Sicilian Defense in the Last Decade 1986 95: 250 Good and Bad Ideas"Paperback: 126 pagesPublisher: International Chess Enterprises (December 1, 1995)ISBN: 1879479281This is a book about new and revived ideas in that most popular of chess openings - the Sicilian Defense. The author's desire is to inspire players on all levels to do independent work. Don't accept the assessment of a variation or particular move but use these assessments as a starting point for your own investigations and your own conclusions. Not only will these 250 novelties help your analytical skill and tournament preparation, but the games they are taken from are also vastly entertaining miniatures. A fun way to spend an afternoon, sharpen your tactics, and a useful tool for building an opening repertoire. Algebraic notation, 126 pages. (I.C.E., 1995). "IM Minev has once again enriched the chess literature." - Chess Horizons "The wealth of tactics contained in this book will stretch your imagination to the limit." - Chess Monthly. "I'm delighted to see Nikolay Minev's new book, The Sicilian Defense (...)." - Washington Post.