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Secrets Of Opening Surprises V6


The highly acclaimed SOS series provides intermediate chess players with perfectly playable, easily digestible opening ideas: deviations from main line opening theory in a very early stage of the game (usually before move six). Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of the chess opening will be able to apply these SOS-ideas in an actual game. There is no need to study large quantities of stuffy theory, but there is an almost immediate return on the investment of a limited amount of time. Readers of SOS will baffle their opponents, gain crucial time, and stand a good chance to get an advantage in the game.a quick look at the SOS's in this issueContentsJeroen Bosch - The SOS FilesIan Rogers - Triple Trouble for the GrünfeldJeroen Bosch - Sicilian: the Aussie AttackErwin l’Ami No Panov - Play an Early Queen MoveDonaldson and Silman - 3.h4 in the Hyper-Accelerated DragonArthur Kogan - The Tarzan AttackJeroen Bosch - Making Short Work of the NajdorfAdrian Mikhalchishin - The Döry DefenceGlenn Flear - Bishops First Please!Jeroen Bosch - The Chigorin AttackArthur Kogan - The Queen’s Grünfeld Line (Part I)Arthur Kogan - The Queen’s Grünfeld Line (Part II)Adrian Mikhalchishin - A Spanish SOSJeroen Bosch - The French Advance with 5…a6Dorian Rogozenko - A Slav SurpriseSergey Tiviakov - Scandinavian with 3...Qd6John van der Wiel - Caro-Kann with a Slav Touch