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Manual Step 6


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There are not so many chess trainers for the higher steps and for sure not for step 6. That is why the manual for Step 6 differs from the previous ones. The target group has changed. This book is not a manual for trainers, but a self-study manual for anyone interested, in other words for the independent learner.

What should you be expecting? The level of difficulty of the material is once more a notch higher than in the preceding Step. Strategy is a subject which will be dealt with in depth. It is a subject which is difficult for everybody, as we always find, and above all the exercises in the workbook. You will also come up against endgame exercises in many chapters. The study of such exercises is particularly important for improving playing strength. Tactics are dealt with in only one chapter. The chapter on tactics is relatively simple for those who have worked through all three workbooks for each of the other Steps. The chapters on strategic themes are relatively more demanding and require more of an effort. But a real chess player will not be put off by them.

The sixth step consists of 14 lessons:
1: The king in the middle
2: The passed pawn
3: Strategy
4: Mobility
5: Draw
6: The opening
7: Tactics
8: Pawn endings
9: Bishop or knight?
10: Attacking the king
11: Advantage in the ending
12: Bishops
13: Defending
14: Rook endings