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Jouons Aux Echecs Etape 4 Extra (bil)


Extra problems for Step 4 students.
The tactics are dominated by the preparatory move. The positional aspects of chess slowly become a part of the games of fourth step students. A basic feeling is created in the lessons "weak pawn" and "endgame strategy". It remains best to deal with positional factors while addressing the games of the students.

At the beginning come the exercises with the familiar items from Step 4:

  • Eliminating of the defence: interfering
  • Double attack: luring
  • Eliminating of the defence: blocking
  • Pin: luring front or back piece
  • Passed pawn
  • Double attack: eliminating the defence
  • The magnet
  • Double attack: chasing and targeting
  • Attacking the castled king
  • Seventh rank
  • Double attack: clearing
    In addition some topics from a lower step, but more difficult.

    The last 11 pages contain tests. On the reminder are the guidelines for solving the problems without naming the topics.