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Fischer: The Unknown

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It is not really in doubt that Bobby Fischer is one of the greatest (if
not the greatest) chess players of all-time. His name is one that is
recognized immediately by almost anyone with even a passing interest in
chess. His numerous brilliant games are very well known and have been
seen in numerous anthologies.

However, Fischer also played many games that have generally escaped
public attention. These include early games before he was well known,
simultaneous games, blitz games as well as many classical games that
have simply fallen under the radar. There is also a match of ten games
played against Svetozar Gligoric before his famous
“re-match” with Boris Spassky.

Prolific author Cyrus Lakdawala has tracked down many of these
games. They provide fresh material for die hard Fischer fans and provide
numerous examples of Fischer’s extraordinary chess talent. Thanks to his
remarkable ability to find clear cut plans and strategies in any position,
Fischer somehow managed to make chess look easy. This is a very
instructive anthology.