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English Play The


byCraig PritchettThe English is a sophisticated opening which is very popular at all levels of chess: from up-and-coming-plyers to World Champions such as Kasparov and Kramnik. It has many attractions, including flexibility and diversity: White can play either aggressively or quietly, and positions are rich in both strategy and tactics. In Play the English, Craig Pritchett provides an active repertoire for White, offering answers to Black's key defences both in the main lines and sidelines. Drawing upon his wealth of experience in this opening from both sides of the board, Pritchett highlights the positional and tactical ideas for White and Black, and the subtle move-order nuances so important in the modern game. This book contains all you need to know* An essential guide to the English Opening* Written by an expert* Covers the crucial ideas and variationsAbout the author: Craig Pritchett is an IM and a 2-time Scottish Champion who has represented his country on top board at numerous Chess Olympiads.