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Chess Training Material Level


byPatrick Woolf The training material consists of seven colorful books, clearly designed and written for young children who are just learning to play chess. The titles of the books are:

  • Chess 911
  • The Chess S.W.A.T. Team, Assignment Book
  • The Chess S.W.A.T. Team, Map Book
  • Is There Any Escape?
  • Roundup at the KR Corral
  • Unmask the Impostor! Whodunnit?
The books come with a flyer that explains the chess exercises in this Level 1 material are intended for students who already: know how chessmen move and how to make captures; understand basic chess concepts such as a check, checkmate, stalemate, and castling; have played at least a few full games of chess; and are familiar with the basic idea of how squares on a chessboard can be identified by using letters and numbers.The same flyer tells us that the chess exercises in this Level 1 material are designed to help students to practice these skills: recognizing key patterns -- checks, checkmates, stalemates, pins, forks, skewers; using a king and rook to give checkmate; identifying strong and weak opening moves; recognizing positions that are checkmate, stalemate, or neither; systematically looking for the three ways to get out of check; and using basic chess notation skills.