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Rampant Chess’ is a collection of games played by 13 Scottish Masters annotated with an eye to humour and entertainment value which so many games collections lack. Each has at least 5 games in this book, and all of the games are definitely worth looking at. This book sets a style which others are bound to mimic as its approach makes it easy to read and understand.This is the first time that such a ‘Scottish’ collection of seriously good games have been put together into a book and as such make it eminently collectable. The authors annotation avoids reams of variations but focuses rather on ensuring that the reader understands what is going on and is drawn into the game being discussed.The Scottish masters who contributed to 'Rampant Chess' are as follows: Jacob Aagaard, Ketivan (Keti) Arakhamia-Grant, Douglas Bryson, Edward (Eddie) Dearing, Steven (Steve) Mannion, Roddy McKay, Colin McNab, Mark Condie, Paul Motwani, Andrew Muir, Craig Pritchett, Jonathan Rowson and John Shaw.This book is more than just a chess book, it is also a very good 'read' largely on account of its humour! It is also impressively educational!