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Chess Assassin's Business Manual


ByBob Long A very personal story in the inimitable style of Bob Long, enriched with many a personal picture.Not all good chess players are good at business. It's just as true that there are people good at business who are poor at chess. Can improvement be brought to both?After 35 years running four of his own business startups, and 40 years of playing chess, Bob Long explains how these two seemingly disparate acitivities can complement each other.To be successful at both requires disciplines such as patience, awareness, and perseverance; the "assassin" knows when to zoom and finish "it" off. That's where the five T's come in handy:Tips, Tools, Themes, and Tales - CABM has some helpful moves.

  • Know that 95% of your " opponents" are good guys!
  • being self-aware will "win" more than half of your basic battles.
  • Create a Gold List of your "best customers" without fudging.
  • Get what you want on the day of the buy - "Benny F" can help a lot.