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Checkmate University Bk 2



Michael Yip

The Chess'n Math Association is proud to announce a very generous donation by Michael Yip, author of two excellent books "Checkmate University Book 1" and "Checkmate University Book 2". Mike also taught chess to youngsters for the Chess'n Math Association in the 1990's in Montreal and continued teaching when he moved to B.C. The Chess'n Math Association is the distributor of these books.

Mike has decided to donate his future Royalties from these two books to the reigning B.C. grade 1 champion every year beginning in 2010. Royalties earned in 2009 will go to the winner of the 2010 B.C. grade 1 champion which is determined in the first half of 2010 provided this player represents B.C. at the Nationals of the Canadian Chess Challenge in the same year. The youngster will receive the prize in a presentation at the National event. The 2011 B.C. grade 1 champion will receive the Royalties earned in 2010 etc.

This is a book of chess exercises suitable for children Kindergarten to Grade 6. It is meant to be a source of practice material and can be used by teachers or young children working independantly. There are 624 one-move chess exercises for developing and reinforcing the basic chess skills of

Seeing and playing elementary tactics (forks, skewers,pins and discovered attacks)
The problems are arranged by subject and grouped into sets that gradually increase in difficulty. There is a 36 problem final quiz at the end of the book to assess your skill level. A separate answer book included.

Children enrolled in chess courses given by Chess and Math can use this material for the Pawn level to the Bishop level. The author has sucessfully used this program for many years as an instructor for Chess and Math. Each student should have their own book so they work at their own speed.