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Bishop Endings: Innovative Course


Proper handling of Bishops in the endgame is an important feature in today's chess and a must for every chess player who wants to climb the world's hierarchy.

This book deals with important themes and ideas on the world of Bishops. The author presents in a constructive way chapters such as:

-Bishop vs. Pawns
-Two Bishops vs Knight
-Capablanca's Bishop Theorem
-Bishop & Pawns vs Pawns - wrong corner, the extra "wrong"corner, the extra "wrong" Bishop
-Bishop & Pawns vs Pawns - the Phalanx

And presenting a great number of superb exercises.

Efstratios Grivas (30-03-1966) is a highly experienced chess trainer and author. He has been awarded by FIDE the titles of IGM, Senior Trainer, International Chess Arbiter and International Chess Organiser. His main successes over the board are the Silver Medal Olympiad 1988 (3rd board), the Gold Medal European Team Championship 1989 (3rd board) and the 4th place World Junior Championship U20 1985.