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Best Lessons Of A Chess Coach: Extended Edition

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In the course of a game of chess, questions continually arise that test a player's reasoning skills. Questions such as:
• “Who has the better position?”• “Should I resolve the tension in the center?”• “How can I improve the placement of my pieces?”In this long-awaited extension of the classic Best Lessons of a Chess Coach, the reader is invited to take a seat in the classroom of a renowned chess teacher, and learn how to answer such questions while experiencing the beauty, logic, and artistry of great chess games. When Sunil Weeramantry lectures on the games of top grandmasters, one can imagine making decisions alongside them. When he lectures on his own games, one can also experience the personal excitement, disappointment, and satisfaction of a well-contested game of chess. The cumulative effect of studying these lessons is to give the aspiring player a wide range of tools with which to win.