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Zmart Clock Zmf-pro


Designed and assembled in the USA, the TapNset-Pro Digital Chess Clock was designed from the ground up to offer that all chess players both demand and need. It is very easy to use - You can learn all of the features of the clock within a few minutes. II is great for anyone - fun for kids, classes, and clubs. With a sturdy metal case, low profile design, extremely large dual displays and touch-sensor technology, it’s the finest chess clock ever produced. DESIGNED AND ASSEMBLED IN THE USA! First clock available in the market with dual display to allow spectators watch the time. Clock comes with a magnetic cover to cover one of the displays if necessary in a tournament setting. Can be connected to the HOS sensory board (each sold separately). Cable is provided with the sensory board. Stainless steel touch sensing buttons. Programmable via cellphone app; set time controls in the app, and tap the phone against the clock before starting it. Very easy to program menus. Delay, Increment, Hour-glass, and Scrabble programmable between 1 and 40 minutes (New Feature) timing modes. Delay can be displayed in three different modes. Programmable tournament modes with and without move counter. Three time controls available. Three different preset settings/modes can be kept in memory at all times. Highly accurate clock (very precise crystal oscillator used). Sound and LED indicators can be turned off. Clock can be used for nearly every competitive two-player board game like Scrabble, Shogi, and Go. Low power consumption. Batteries should provide power for more than 900 hours of use under normal conditions (compare to 600 hours of use that other clocks offer). Alkaline batteries should be used for better results.

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