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Jowisz Chess Set Poland


The quality beech and birch wood plank gives it a classic, handmade feel that many chess enthusiasts will appreciate. Algebraic letters and numbers adorn the borders; it measures 40.7 x 5 x 40 cm; each square measures 4 x 4 cm; once folded, the board is kept securely closed with 2 brass clasps.
Handcrafted chess are felt, weighted and made from horn and sycamore wood; the king measures 8.5 cm; the queen is 7.1 cm; the pawn measures 3.7 cm; the elegant and intricate details of each game piece are impressive.
Secure compartments provide room inside the board to safely store each chess piece; each chess piece is individually protected in compartments formed inside the collapsible chess board.
The classic aesthetic is incorporated into this complete chess set which is handcrafted in Poland from farm-grown wood. Its obvious craftsmanship makes it worthy of display.