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Black & White Weighted Plastic Pieces King 4.25"


t's realy high-quality chess pieces.
It's really heavy chess pieces.
It's really large chess pieces.

The chess pieces feature detailed knights with flowing manes made from spruce-tek resin. They are extremely well weighted and feature felt bottoms. It is a patented resin material.This chess pieces does not come with extra queens.
King = 108mm tall, 47mm base, 97grams.
Queen = 96mm tall, 45mm base, 91grams.
Knight = 77mm tall, 40mm base, 70grams.
Rook = 76mm tall, 42mm base, 69grams.
Bishop = 85mm tall, 42mm base, 68grams.
Pawn = 60mm tall, 36mm base, 38grams