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Yoxi (bil)


To win at Yoxii, you must circle the Totem with your strongest pieces. Each player in turn moves the Totem one square and places one of his/her pieces on the board. Be careful, you can jump over your pieces to go where the terrain is favorable to you. A powerful abstract game, which mixes Chess and Go, but which looks like neither one nor the other. In this abstract and minimal universe, you will quickly learn how to find attack positions and how to defend yourself. Fun guaranteed! Each player in turn moves the totem pole to a free square directly around it. The same player must then place one of his pieces around the new position of the totem. The pieces are divided into 4 values. O is worth 1 point, II is worth 2 points, Y is worth 3 points and X is worth 4 points. The player with the most points when the totem is completely surrounded wins the game. Note that players can skip their own pieces and move to where the terrain is favorable. Anticipation is the key. In this game, everyone will find their own style, strength and tactics. The opening of the game is very strategic and the endgames are more combinatorial. Who will become the new world champion of this formidable abstract game?

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