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Xig - Sorcerers Sword

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In this original and distinct game expanding from the world of XIG: The Four Elements, players challenge each other to complete a Sorcerers Sword while battling to control the rings of the four elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.
Each player begins the game with 36 shuffled tiles. Each tile is potentially a piece of their sword which requires only 30 tiles to complete. Every tile represents a different Sorcerer. Specific Sorcerers allow the players to cast spells as the tiles are put into play, as well as displace their opponent's tiles.
Tiles can be linked together in many combinations as long as they don't break elemental rules (for example: Water cannot be linked above fire since fire would then be extinguished). Element combinations allow the players to obtain, or steal rings which can give the controlling player certain game advantage.
The first player to complete their sword wins.