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We Didn't Playtest This Either


Many will enter, some will win. All will laugh. We are back with more random! And you like random. Or you will, soon!A full new set of cards that can be played with the original game, or on their own. Be sure to watch out for sharks! And cake. Especially the cake. Play Summary (from We Didn't Playtest This At All) Everyone starts with 2 cards. On your turn, draw one card from the deck, and then play one from your hand following the instructions on the card. There are many hazards to avoid, including: bombs, dragons, arrows, laser pointers, arrows, black holes, Rock Paper Scissors battles, number battles, zombies, etc. Luckily items abound that can save you, too: spaceships, science, shields, dinosaurs and a kitten ambush! This is a standalone game that may be integrated with We Didn't Playtest This At All.