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Personally Incorrect (eng)


In Personally Incorrect players strive to find the most appropriately inappropriate answers! Remember all those lame comparison games that try too hard to be edgy? How about the games that make you work just to get a laugh? Sick of games that are only funny the first couple of times you play them? Well, we eliminate the boring sameness of those games and make every statement hit home. All the horrible phrases are aimed directly at your friends, family and loved ones playing the game with you.Take a peek below to get a feel for the game. The first player selects and reads a Question Card out to the group, replacing "Insert Name" with a player's name from the table. Players each submit an answer card from their hand to the reader. The reader then reads the card again, filling in the blanks with the provided answers, one by one. Once everyone is done pissing their pants laughing, players then vote on the answer they want to win! No dictator B.S. here; every one of the terrible people playing this game get a say.