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Hats (bil)


In Hats, two to four players compete to acquire the most remarkable hats by exchanging the cards in their hand with those on the board (the tea table). Each exchange of cards influences their value. Naturally, at the end of the game, the player with the highest score will be declared the winner! Collect the most extravagant hats and become the star of the tea room. At the start of the game, players draw nine cards. On your turn you can perform one of the following two actions: Swap Hats: Play a card from your hand and swap it with a card of the same color from the tea table OR swap it for a card of any suit, but of lower value. Add the exchanged card to your collection by placing it face up in front of you Create a Black Hat: Place a card face down in front of you to add it to your collection. This card is considered a black hat. At the end of the game, each black hat in your collection is worth one point. Optional action: At any time during your turn, you can discard a single card of your choice to draw a new one. In a four-player game, players will trade cards with their teammates. The game ends after all players have played 8 cards. Each player reveals the last card in their hand: it is their favorite type of hat. Countdown: Hat Collection: Players earn points for each card in their collection, depending on the position of that type's card on the board. Favorite Hat: Each player reveals their typical final “favorite hat” card. Players earn points equal to the sum of all cards in their collection matching their “favorite hat” type minus the value of the card. Cookies: the cookie awards 5 points to the player holding the most different types of cards in their collection.

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