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Escape Room Puzzle Adventures (eng)

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ESCAPE ROOM & JIGSAW PUZZLE IN 1 - In this Escape Room-meets-jigsaw puzzle board game, you must solve the riddles in order to earn new puzzle pieces and unlock new rooms. It's your only way to exit the game and survive.
SOLVE THE PUZZLING MYSTERY - Thanks to the packaging's clever advent calendar design, you solve one large puzzle—the mansion—by completing 5 separate puzzles (the rooms). Read the story and solve the riddles in order to earn your puzzle pieces—and your eventual escape!
YOU SET THE PACE - Play with or without time pressure. Feel like being put to the ultimate test? Set a time limit for your escape. If you prefer to pace yourself, forgo the clock and take your time to discuss the mystery and solve the puzzle.
STORY DRIVEN MYSTERY - Become fully immersed in this escape room experience as the engaging plot thickens until the very end!
PLAYERS: For 1+ players, ages 16 years old +. Housed in an advent calendar-like design, the box includes all components for game play: riddles, puzzle pieces (1 large house which is made up of 5 smaller puzzles) & a puzzle-style decoder to check your answers.