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Chess For Anyone DVD

Chess For Anyone Dvd


Chess for Anyone is designed to teach the game of chess starting at the beginner level up to the advanced level. There are many videos that present chess material at the expert and master level but very few that address the all-important beginning and intermediate phases of the game where most of the chess playing population lies. It was the aim of the producers to make the learning process of this part of the game both easy to understand and fun. This isn't just for the new student of chess (young children make up an enormous percentage of the chess playing population) but also the recreational player who has been playing chess for a long time, and who would like to improve their game but does not have time to take lessons or read chess books. Chess for Anyone reveals secrets of the masters, and children as early as six years old will have an easy time understanding most of the material the way it is presented on all three DVDs. Features :

  • Disc 1: Rules of Play: Moves of Pieces, Chess Etiquette, Algebraic Notation
  • Disc 2: Principles (1): Fundamentals, Endgame Checkmate, The Opposition
  • Disc 3: Principles (2): Opening Principals, Pawn Play, Power of the Pieces, Annotating your Game.
  • 3 Hours Total in this 3 Disc Set
"Chess4Anyone is the best chess instruction on DVD I've ever seen...I'm using them for my own students." - Carmine Nigro, chess teacher of world chess champion, Bobby Fischer "Excellent for preparing young chess players for tournament play...I give the Chess4Anyone DVDs my full endorsement." - Grandmaster Arnold Denker, United States Chess Champion "The mysteries of this game are clearly revealed in these easy-to-understand DVDs...I loved them!" - Michael Gatlin, Florida State Chess Champion