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Traffic (bil)


Time to put some order on the road!Trafffic is a family game that will test your reflexes and observation skills. The rules are remarkably simple. You have to get rid of your cards. To do so, you must find 3 cars on the board arranged like those on your cards However, since everyone is playing at the same time, only the fastest players will empty his or her hand! Would you like to try? Find on the board the combinations of the 2 cards illustrated shown below the board.Excellent! Can you find the cars from the white card on the upper right corner of the board? It is more difficult, isn't it? Here's a hint. What if you turned the card a little to the left?To make your task easier, you are also allowed to move a car to an adjacent intersection. Careful though, every time you move a car, you are also helping your opponent by allowing him to do the same.