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Survival guide to competitive


byJohn Emms Are you making the most of your existing chess talent? Do you always perform to the best of your abilities? Do your over-the-board results match up with your understanding of the game? If the answer to any of these questions is 'no' then read on! In The Survival Guide to Competitive Chess Grandmaster and experienced tournament player John Emms reveals the secrets of how to maximise your potential and improve your results in competitive play. Drawing upon years of his own experience, Emms tackles the all-important practical aspects of chess playing: studying your own strengths and weaknesses, and those of prospective opponents, concentration and manner at the chessboard, handling time trouble, tackling cheats, playing for a win or a draw, saving difficult positions, avoiding silly mistakes, building an opening repertoire, using chess computers and software, choosing the right tournaments and much more besides. Once you have gone through this book you will be able to play every game with the confidence that you really will give it your best shot.

  • A comprehensive guide to practical play
  • Written by a battle-hardened professional
  • Ideal for improving results
Publication : Everyman Chess April 2006pages : 192