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Secrets of opening surprises v


by Jeroen BoschTired of main lines? Shock your opponent with an SOS!Contents: 1 Jeroen Bosch: The SOS Files2 Ian Rogers: Refining Fischer’s Plan3 Alexander Beliavsky: Destroying the Benoni Wall4 Maxim Notkin: When I was Young5 Jeroen Bosch: Morozevich’s Pet Line in the Albin6 Michal Krasenkow: The Dutch in the English?7 Dorian Rogozenko: Follow the Experts8 Jeroen Bosch: Let’s wait and see: 3...h6 in the French9 Sergei Movsesian: Play like a Beginner10 Dimitri Reinderman: The Haberditz Variation11 Jeroen Bosch: Get the Edge on the Budapest12 Igor Glek: Gambit Lines in the Glek Variation13 Jeroen Bosch: Beating the Van Geet14 Dorian Rogozenko: A Latvian Speciality vs the Dragon15 Mihai Grünberg: It is Better Playing White16 Glenn Flear: The Solid but Tricky Fianchetto Spanish17 Jonathan Rowson: The Improved Nadanian 144pp.