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New in Chess Yearbook 108

New In Chess Yearbook 108


ForumThe Forum has sharp reactions to previous Surveys and hot new developments. Anish Giri analyses his Sämisch King’s Indian with Sergey Karjakin from the Zug Grand Prix, and readers like Marc Schroeder and IM’s Jose Vilela and Richard Palliser share some interesting lines.ColumnsIn Benjamin’s Opening Takes, Joel Benjamin shows how top players like Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand avoid Open Sicilians nowadays. Alexey Kuzmin provides an inside view of the Tal Memorial in Kuzmin’s Harvest. PreviewThis Yearbook contains a preview of Sergey Kasparov’s upcoming book Steamrolling the Sicilian for New In Chess, about the line 5.f3.ReviewsGlenn Flear reviews Evgeny Sveshnikov’s The Grand Prix Attack, Dreev vs the Benoni, John Shaw’s The King’s Gambit and The Complete Albin Counter-Gambit by Luc Henris, and makes a rather surprising discovery. SurveysThe legendary London Candidates’ keeps producing new Surveys, also several in this issue. New authors are Rustam Khusnutdinov, who presents an original way to play the Closed Sicilian, and Piotr Wolochowicz on a bizarre King’s Gambit line.