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Chess informant 158 (livre seulement)

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Presents 350 pages of the very best in chess:

Leitao – Opening Ideas in Modern Chess
Shyam Sundar – Grand Swiss (This or That?)
Perunovic – European Team Championship
Foisor – USA Women Championship (Tournament Review)
Moradiabadi – USA Championship (Tournament Review)
Ntirlis – The Damiano Defence (Theoretical Survey)
Prusikin – The Weak King (Instructive Lesson)
Perelshteyn – The Alekhine 4 Pawns Atack (Theoretical Survey)
Rogers – Asian Team Championship 1981 (Roger’s Reminiscences)
Griffin – Larsen – Byrne, Havana 1966 (From Informant Archives)
Barak Gonen – Correspondence Chess

Traditional sections: games, combinations, endings, Tournament reviews, the best game from the preceding volume and the most important theoretical novelty from the preceding volume.

The periodical that pros use with pleasure is at the same time a must have publication for all serious chess students!