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Association Échecs et Maths - Fournitures scolaires d´échecs

Matériel d'échecs sélectionné pour les écoles et les clubs.

Manual Step 2


Version française disponible.


Introductory articles about:

  • The chess development of a child
  • The characteristic features of children's play
  • The sequence of the material
  • Teaching
  • Discussing the games of the children

For the students almost everything is new in the second step. That is why there is a smaller number of lessons than in the other steps.
1: Activity of pieces
2: Double attack: queen (1)
3: Double attack: queen (2)
4: The pin
5: Elimination of the defence
6: The 3 golden rules
7: Mate in two
8: Double attack: knight
9: Mating with the rook
10: Double attack: RBQK
11: Discovered attack
12: Defending against mate
13: The short notation