Bridge Partner-Bidding Boxes Black (4)

Bridge-Partner(TM) is easy to use, just open the lid and the bidding cards are already in place. The cards are lacquered for strength and long wear. Bridge-Partner(TM) boxes are stackable to facilitate storage and transportation. They can be free standing or easily installed to hang from the side of a wooden table. This gives you more space on the playing surface. Quantity discounts: 10-24 - $49.95 per set of 4; 25 or more - $46.95 per set of 4.

Item ID 42050
Our price $ 59.99



Bridge Scorepads Heritage

From Piatnik
Assorted Score Pads, Heritage

Item ID AU-270
Our price $ 3.99



Bridge Tallies

From Piatnik
12 Assorted Tallies to choose from!

Item ID AU-275
Our price $ 3.99



Bridge Table Samsonite 34" x 34

Great for any special occasion or a quick game of cards. This 34'' x 34'' square folding table stores flat to easily slip in a closet or under a bed. Features an easy to clean padded vinyl upholstery top.

Item ID BR-100
Our price $ 79.99



Improve Your Judgement 2: Doubles

Understanding the many uses of the double can dramatically improve your game.

This book reviews the basics and introduces tools to improve your judgment. It covers takeout doubles, advancing the double, rebids by the doubler and advancer, balancing and other doubles.

Item ID BR-14
Our price $ 11.99



Bridge Table with Bidding Boxes

Item ID BR-24
Our price $ 239.99



Bridge at a Glance (Audrey Grant)

Bridge At a Glance is a quick reference of the material in the award-winning Audrey Grant Bridge Basics series.

These summaries work in conjunction with the books which present the reasoning behind the guidelines.

This book which was published in February 2006, contains 32 pages.

Item ID BR-4
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These are our [Baron Barclay] own cards and we are very proud of them! You'll love how each linen-finished deck has a distinctive, solid color back with white borders. Plus there are six bright colors in each dozen decks. The quality, style and durability make Barclay your best value in plastic-coated bridge sized cards.

Item ID BR-6
Our price $ 3.50



Bridge Basic 1 - Coded Cards Audrey G

This book starts at the beginning, introducing the mechanics of the game through its history. It covers the fundamentals of the three aspects of the game . . . bidding, play, and defense.

The concepts and information presented are the most current and accurate available, developed with the assistance of the game’s top champions. The material is presented in a clear, well-organized format, moving smoothly from one topic to the next. Through this book you’ll be taking the first steps into the magical world of bridge.

Item ID BR-9
Our price $ 7.99



You Have to See This

by Andrew Diosy & Linda Lee
Paperback, 96 pp., ISBN 0-9698461-9-3

A brilliant sequel to There Must Be A Way, this book presents fifty-two more problems in post-mortem analysis. The two-step solution approach has been retained, and the hands are no less fun. Again, the reader is challenged to decide whether each hand can be made with best play and defence. For variety, in this book some hands are presented in single dummy format as well.

Item ID BR-Y1
Our price $ 12.95


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