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You will be redirected to the new store shortly.

Vous serez redirigé vers notre nouveau site dans un instant.


Q: I'm lost! How do I find what I need?
A: This is how the store works:

We divide our store in major categories such as "Books", "Chess Materials", etc. Each of these categories have sub-categories. Our "Books" section, for example, has titles dedicated to youngsters or on specific chess openings.

   We also supply a search engine in which your can query our database about the titles and descriptions of our products.

   Finally, you will see miscellaneous promotions on our home page and in each selected category that you can add directly into you shopping cart without further browsing.

   View your cart to see all the items you purchased so far.

   Once you are finished shopping, click on "Checkout". Your will be redirected to a secured transaction page where you can safely disclose all the useful information for shipping and billing.

Happy shopping!

Q: Help! I was redirected to the store's home page after a while and now my basket is empty.
A: Short answer: Your shopping session expires after a while when you don't click on any link within 20 minutes or so. You must fill your basket again.

Long and geeky answer: Web pages, by default, do not keep any information from page to page. They are "stateless". They don't keep the information you supplied for further reference. If you want to build a so-called "shopping cart", you need to rely on extra o technology to do such a thing. This site uses PHP, which can remember values and information passed between pages. For security and efficiency, PHP sessions have a time limit and need to be reinitialized or else the session expires. In this store, sessions are reinitialized at each new page. You don't actually need to add something in the basket to continue, you simply need to browse or else the session expires 20 minutes after your last click

Q: Did you really receive my order?
A: Short answer: Yes :-)

Long answer: Once your final invoice is presented to you on the screen, we have received your order and it will be processed shortly. If you have supplied a valid e-mail adress, you will receive a confirmation to that address. No other confirmation will be sent if the address is wrong. If we have any problem with your order, we will contact you by any means necessary - now you DID provide a valid street adress and telephone, did you? ;-)

Q: How long will it take before I receive my stuff?
A: Orders will be shipped with 48 hours.
Q: I come from another country than Canada or USA. How do I fill the shipping form?
A: Simply ignore the "Province" and "Country" drop-down menu and use the "Other country" field to fill in any missing details.
Q: Can I reach you by other means than e-mail?
A: Sure. Phone numbers and addresses are right here on our home page. At the end of your shopping, they will also be present on the invoice.

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