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Test Op., Mid. & End. V2

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Unlike "Solitaire Chess" and other such tests, you are challenged right in the opening to come up with ideas by answering the tests. Then you are tested in the strategy of the middlegame, which in some cases evolves into the final stage-the endgame. You can take the tests and be evaluated on how well you do from Class C up to and including Master. Or you can just enjoy and learn from the deep, deep annotations. Either way you win. Our Volume I was such a success that this Volume 2 was published. A book that teaches you how to think while testing you if you so desire. The feedback is that our tests are very close to the readers playing strength if they bear down and try. The ones that just want to read the deep comments on strategy and go over the deep notes without taking the tests are guaranteed to improve their game. Every White and Black move is explained.