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Puzzle Silhouette Pinocchio 50

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Packaged in a unique silhouette box that is sure to delight the little ones, this fairy tale jigsaw puzzle retells the misadventures of Pinocchio and his playful pals in a progressive illustration format, from the very moment that he first came to life in Gepetto's workshop until the very end, when he learned the importance of honesty.

A unique puzzle concept that will appeal to all storytellers young and old. Features three scenes from the original classic, blended into one landscape illustration for explorative storytelling fun.

• Visual observation
• Problem solving
• Analytical and logical thinking
• Memory
• Language skills
• Patience and concentration
• Confidence and self-esteem

An exciting puzzle illustrated by artist Monica San Cristobal. Measures 62 x 30 cm when complete.

Constructed from heavy cardboard stock with high-quality laminated graphics; resistant to peeling, fading and creasing. A precision laser cutting process also ensures minimal dust and impurities, with pieces that fit together perfectly.