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Golf (made In Canada)

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For a golf player, this set is a must. Beautiful brass and silver finished pieces face off against each other in this Brass and Silver Pewter Golf theme chess set. With 8 golf balls to use, each player has plenty of shots! The pawns represented by balls on tees, and some pro shooters for the other major pieces, there is plenty of competition between opponents!The king and queen appear to have the game well in hand--the king golfer is leaning on a golf club with his legs crossed making himself the picture of confidence. He's just waiting for the other person to put into the water! The queen is also leaning on a golf club, but a little more ready for action--this time no crossed legs. When we get to the bishops, we find a golfer showing his form: a mighty swing just ready for it's execution! And, for the knights, we have the greens' skills: the putt to put it in the hole. Not to be left out, when you're in transit to a better strategic position for checkmate, just store your clubs in the caddy's bag(the rooks)!The only difference between these players are their brass vs silver colors--otherwise it appears that they have the same golf smarts. Therefore, it's up to you to give them the winning birdie!2-1/2" King's