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Scrabble Pocket Game Timer

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pocket SamTimer™ NEW COLORS!Pocket SamTimer now comes in red and blue!!I am happy to announce the new "pocket SamTimer"!Some of its useful features include:

  • Extremely easy battery installation and replacement
  • Batteries pre-installed at no charge: 2 AA (plus storage space inside the clock for 2 spare AA batteries - also included, free!)
  • 20 second "hold" time indicator
  • One minute courtesy tile draw period indicator
  • Various chess modes, School SCRABBLE® setting
  • Fully programmable for various start times
  • Can program left dial and right dial differently (for handicap games)
  • Large easy to use player buttons
  • Handles SCRABBLE® overtime beautifully just like the SamTimer™! It even beeps mildly at the start of overtime.
  • Small enough to carry in a coat or pant pocket, large enough to use in a tournament!
  • Handsome compartmentalized carrying box included free of cost
  • Overall dimensions: approx. 6" w x 3.5" d x 2" h (15 cm x 9 cm x 5 cm tall)Color choices!!
      • Blue/silver buttons
      • Red/red buttons
      • Purple/purple buttons
      • Metallic Green/teal buttons
      • Yellow/yellow buttons
      • Pink/lavender buttons
      • Silver/green buttons
  • English