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Tactics For Intermediate Plyrs (bil


This program is based on a bestseller by the experienced coach Sergey Ivashchenko. It is a sequel to the popular program Chess Tactics for beginners.
It is a Windows based chess tactics testing and training program intended for intermediate players. Among the topics there're: Mating combinations, Pinning combinations, Decoying, Blockade, Exchange, etc. The program is designed for chess players with the ELO level of 1600-2200 points. The exercises are arranged in 19 sections according to their increasing difficulty. All the sections contain exercises for Practice and Test. After you have solved a problem, you are given a ELO rating. This rating is based on the difficulty of the problem, the time taken, and errors if any you made. Your original rating is adjusted up or down after each exercise. The program includes positions from practical games, endgame studies as well as training examples. Features of the program include: The program includes more than 1,170 tactical problems classified according to topics and difficulty. Every position is included into all these four courses. Each course contains examples for Practice and Test. You have to find the most important moves. Once you're solving a problem and proposing a wrong move, the program helps you with various visual hints (such as arrows showing key lines of attack), and eventually shows the piece which is to move. The program's got a built-in playing engine Crafty which can be called upon to analyze the problem more thoroughly than the offered solution gives.
You can also use your favorite external playing program. The program you see generates a student's ELO and statistics in easy-to-read bar graphs based on a student's success rate with the exercises, thus helping to keep track of one's progress. Multiple user profiles are possible with independent ratings and all other individual information. Statistics is stored and can be compared between different users. Board design - Simple, Wooden or Marble. There is also an option of printing either topics or positions: The program may be useful for both individual chess players and coaches.
The difference between Chess Tactics for Intermediate Players and Chess Tactics for beginners is the complexity level of exercises. Chess Tactics for beginners hardest exercises are easier than Chess Tactics for Intermediate Players simpliest ones.
Languages supported: English, French, Spanish, Italian and German
No additional software required.