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Attacking Rep With 1.d4! Vol 2


There are many aggressive, fresh ideas designed to cause problems for Black players. My chosen lines tend to be very attacking, aiming to quickly fight for control of the centre and an early attack on the black king. There is also a lot of original analysis included. This video series considers how to tackle the “Nimzo-Indian” using the move 4.Qc2. Various Benoni lines are considered, the main line, Czech, Snake, Late and Old Benoni. Some fresh, aggressive, attacking ideas have been considered against the Benko Gambit and Blumenfeld. In addition I have looked at how to play against 2...b6, the Budapest and Fajarowicz.

  • Video running time: 5 h 50 min (English)
  • With interactive training incuding video feedback
  • Extra: Database with model games
  • Including CB Read
    Languages: English
    ISBN: 978-3-86681-694-7
    System: Windows 7 or higher
    Level: Advanced, Tournament player, Professional