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Sicilian: Sveshnikov Easy Guid


byJacob Aagaard All chess players need a reliable defense to e4, preferably one that is fun to play and provides real winning chances. The Sveshnikov Sicilian fits the bill perfectly. Blacks active piece-play compensates for his damaged pawn structure, making for an exciting battle. A sound and dynamic system supported at the highest levels by Kramnik and Shirov. "The aim of the book is to equip you to play the Sveshnikov and also to face the various alternative options at white's disposal on moves 6,7, and 8. However, I have not for the most part adopted a narrow repertoire approach, so the book should be useful to those who face the Sveshnikov as white, and for those who like to research their openings deeply." Jacob Aagaard.Paperback: 144 pagesPublisher: Everyman Chess; 1.00 edition (July 1, 2000)