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New In Chess Yearbook 119

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ForumThe Forum Section features new theoretical contributions by, among others, Bogdan Lalic and Vishnu Prasanna.ColumnsIn his column Repertoire Building with Benjamin, the American GM continues his treatment of the highly important position type with an isolated queen’s pawn.In Kuzmin’s Harvest, Alexey Kuzmin highlights the most important opening novelties in the Candidates’ Tournament in Moscow.ReviewsGlenn Flear reviews three repertoire books:The Open Games with Black by Martin Lokander (Everyman), Playing 1.e4 e5 – A Classical Repertoire (Nikolaos Ntirlis, Quality), and A Chess Opening Repertoire for Blitz and Rapid by Evgeny Sveshnikov and his son Vladimir (New In Chess). Also, two new books on the Scandinavian Defence: Sergey Kasparov’s Understanding the Scandinavian (Gambit) and Vassilios Kotronias’ The Safest Scandinavian (Chess Stars).SurveysSicilian Defence - Najdorf Variation 6.Bg5Sicilian Defence - Four Knights Variation 6.Nxc6Sicilian Defence - Paulsen Variation 6.g3Sicilian Defence - Alapin Variation 2.c3French Defence - Steinitz Variation 5.f4French Defence - Tarrasch Variation 3.Nd2Ruy Lopez - Neo-Steinitz Variation 4...d6Ruy Lopez - Chigorin Variation 9...Na5Ruy Lopez - Chigorin Variation 9...a5King’s Pawn Openings - Philidor Defence 6.g3Various Openings - English Defence 2...b6Various Openings - Nimzowitsch/Larsen 1.b3Slav Defence - Krause Variation 6.Ne5Slav Defence - Slow Slav 4.e3Queen’s Gambit Accepted - The 3.e3 LineNimzo-Indian Defence - Rubinstein Variation 4.e3Nimzo-Indian Defence - Classical Variation 4.Qc2Queen’s Indian Defence - Nimzowitsch Variation 5.b3Grünfeld Indian Defence - Exchange Variation 7.Qa4+King’s Indian Defence - Panno Variation 6...Nc6Queen’s Pawn Openings - 3.g3 LineQueen’s Pawn Opening - Jobava-Prié Attack 2.Nc3, 3.Bf4English Opening - Four Knights Variation 4...Bb4English Opening - Reversed Dragon 6.d3English Opening - Reversed Dragon 6.e3English Opening - Anti-Grünfeld 1...g6 2.e4 e5 3.d4Réti Opening - Double Fianchetto 1.b3ExercisesWith more than 75 practical opening exercises to test your understanding.