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Eco D 4th Edition


The fourth thoroughly revised and updated edition of the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings, Volume D, brings additional 56 pages of the brand new material:

  • 1. d4 d5 & 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 followed by 3... d5: Queen's Gambit (Slav, QG Accepted, Orthodox, Tarrasch, Tartakower, etc.), Gruenfeld, Queen’s Pawn, etc.
  • games and analyses from Chess Informants 1-88
  • important game entries from recent tournament practice
  • revised ECO codes

Chess Informant's trademark system of elimination remains one of the key qualities that contributes to the fundamental value of the Encyclopaedias. Previously filtered into Chess Informants 1-88, all the lines had to additionally pass through multiple sieves of the Chess Informant Editorial Board to deserve their place in the fourth edition: only the most extraordinary examples that failed to find their way to the Informants managed to sneak into the new Encyclopaedia. New Volume D of Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings is available on CD for the first time ever, bringing you some additional features:

  • Database tree
  • Test Your Skills (234 educative examples)
  • Chess Informant Expert 5.1 (Full version)

As an aditional option we offer you ECO D, EE acompanied with the set of following Monographs of Chess Openings: D 16-19 plus any five Monographs of your choice.ECO A-E, EE (the latest ECO C 5th Edition included) with the discount of 30%!