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Fritz & Chesster (ENG)


Use your wits, learn to think ahead, have fun and excitement AND learn a whole lot about chess: this great chess adventure has all of this and more in store for you! Together with Prince Fritz and his cousin Bianca learn how to play chess, then test and increase your knowledge in a whole range of exciting games and situations. How do you set up the board? What’s stalemate? When do you call it a draw? What does opposition mean? And what’s “up the stairs mate”? Find the answers to these questions and many more in animated games and contests. Tips and tricks are explained step by step. Then you can provide and test your skill in the special games and tasks. And once you’ve got the hang of everything, join Fritz to take on King Black in the grand finale.

Systems requirements: Pentium II 233 processor, 32 MB RAM (16 MB free memory)
16-bit soundblaster compatible sound card, 16 speed CD-ROM drive
Graphics card: resolution 800x600 pixels (16-bit colour), WIN 95/WIN 98/ME/XP/Vista/Windows7
Not running on Japanese, Korean and Chinese Windows Systems.