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Improve Your Chess - Learning Champions

In this book Lars Bo Hansen shows how chess understanding has evolved and explains how and why a study of the great champions of the past and present will significantly improve your chess. Although modern chess is a highly concrete game where calculation is paramount and principles often appear to take a back seat, Hansen argues that the principles have become implicit at top level: "you cannot win games only by following Steinitz's or Nimzowitsch's principles, but you will certainly lose games if you don't know these principles!"

Throughout the book, the emphasis is firmly on improving your chess, and equipping you to improve your chess further by studying on your own. At the same time, you will enjoy a feast of the most instructive chess games of all time - both classical and modern. The final chapter discusses the future development of chess style.

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Improving Chess Thinker

The Improving Chess Thinker provides representative thought processes from all classes of chess players, highlights the differences between these levels, and provides insight to help players raise their thinking process to the next level.

Full of helpful tips and principles, the Improving Chess Thinker is the result of over 40 years of 'think out loud' chess exercises given by one of the country's top chess instructors, Dan Heisman. The range of subjects addressed includes everything from analysis and evaluation theory to time management skills. The instruction and lessons learned will aid players of all levels, from beginner to expert. The practical advice will be useful not only for players striving to benefit their game, but also coaches looking for new powerful teaching tools.

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Frank Marshal U.S. Champion

by Andy Soltis

A Biography With 220 Games

Grandmaster Andy Soltis has given us a splendidly enjoyable book on Marshall (1877-1944), “the most beloved chess master America has ever produced.” Marshall was the U.S. Chess Champion for a record twenty-seven years, captained four world champion U.S. Olympiad teams, and had been named one of the first five grandmasters of chess. His long career brought him in contact with some of the game’s luminary players, whose respect he earned, and his love for the game was so deep that he even took a pocket chess set to bed. He played chess nearly every day for fifty-seven years.

McFarland & Co. - Hardcover - 383 pages

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Great Attackers: Chess Secrets

The chess world has witnessed a great number of wonderfully gifted attacking players, geniuses who have dazzled the chess public with their brilliant masterpieces. Everyone has their own favourites, and in Chess Secrets: Great Attackers, Colin Crouch chooses three of his own: Garry Kasparov, Mikhail Tal and Leonid Stein. World Champions Kasparov and Tal need no introduction, while Stein was a highly creative and intuitive player with the ability to destroy the world’s best players with his vicious attacks.

Crouch examines their differing approaches and styles, and highlights some crucial themes, including the idea of controlled risk – in some sacrificial attacks even the greatest players can’t always see everything to the end. A study of this book will help you to enhance your skills in one of the most crucial elements of the game.

*An entertaining and instructive guide to attacking chess

*Learn from the greats of the game

*Discover how famous chess minds work

Chess Secrets is a new series of books which uncover the mysteries of the most important aspects of chess study: strategy, attacking play, opening play and gambits, classical play, endgames and preparation. In each book the author chooses and deeply studies a number of great players from chess history who have excelled in a particular field of the game and who have genuinely influenced their descendants.

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Fischer World Champion New Edition

In 1972 a boy from Brooklyn broke the hegemony of Soviet chess. Bobby Fischer, the greatest genius the game had ever seen, completed his crusade against the ‘commie cheaters’ by defeating Boris Spassky in Reykjavik. The Match of the Century electrified the world. No one wanted to miss even the slightest detail about the struggle of Fischer against the superpower that for decades had exploited its superiority in chess as an irrefutable justification of communism. Almost a year before the first move was made at the board, the infighting started. The world looked on in anxiety as Bobby quarrelled about the venue, the number of games, the prize-fund, the television rights, the cameras, the lighting, and about the chairs.

The acclaimed classic Fischer World Champion! conveyes the full drama of the clash, both on and off the board. Here is the inside story of the bloody prelude, written by the late Max Euwe, at the time President of FIDE. Euwe’s diplomatic skills and iron will saved the match against incredible odds. With the original analysis of the games by Jan Timman, one of the world’s finest analysts. Fischer World Champion! will let the reader relive one of the great moments in chess history. This New Edition commemorates the death of Fischer in January 2008 with a tribute by former World Champion Garry Kasparov and an essay by Jan Timman on the life and chess of Bobby Fischer.

  • From the introduction by Garry Kasparov: “Bobby Fischer created a global boom and single-handedly dragged chess into the professional era we live in today. Chess has lost its greatest knight.”
  • ChessVille: "Outstanding"
  • The Judges of the British Chess Federation Book of the Year Award: “There is no better book on the most famous of all World Championship Matches”
  • British Chess Magazine: "One of the most insightful accounts of Fischer the chess player"

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  • JA210

    Champions of the New Millenium

    In this collaboration between three highly experienced authors the eighteen best chess players of the world in the 21st century are presented to the reader with four deep annotated games and an illuming portrait.

    These players are: Anand, Kramnik, Topalov, Morozevich, Svidler, Mamedyarov, Shirov, Leko, Ivanchuk, Aronian (the top 10 January 2008) the stars likely to dominate in the next decade, Karjakin, Carlsen, Radjabov, Wang Yue, Ponomariov and Grischuk, the best female player ever, Judith Polgar, as well as World Championship finalist and comeback kid, American star Gata Kamsky.

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    Kasparov Modern Chess 3 Karpov 86-7

    Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov are unquestionably the protagonists who featured in the greatest ever chess rivalry. Between 1984 and 1990 they contested five long matches for the World Championship. This 3rd volume of the,’Garry Kasparov on Modern Chess’ series concentrates on the third and fourth matches in this sequence: London/Leningrad 1986 and Seville 1987. Both matches were tremendously exciting and hard fought and both produced chess of an extremely high level.

    The 1986 clash was groundbreaking in that it was the first World Championship match between two Soviets to take place outside Moscow. It was split between London and Leningrad with twelve games being played at both venues. The defending champion was now Kasparov (having won the 1985 match) and he leapt into an apparently decisive three point lead. However, this sensationally dissolved when a crisis broke out in the Kasparov camp. Karpov exploited this and pulled off the remarkable feat of winning three games in a row. Kasparov finally regained his composure and eventually clinched the match with a late victory.

    The 1987 match was notable for it’s sensational finale. Kasparov approached the final game with a one point deficit, knowing that only a win would enable him to retain the title. When the game was adjourned overnight in a position where Kasparov had to win to stay champion, Spanish TV cleared its entire schedule so that the nail-biting conclusion could be watched live. A pre-internet global audience of millions was glued to their TV screens as Kasparov ground out his historic victory.

    In this volume Garry Kasparov (world champion between 1985 and 2000 and generally regarded as the greatest player ever) analyses in depth the clashes from 1986 and 1987, giving his opinion on the background to the matches as well as the games themselves.

    From the back cover.

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    Sorcerer's Apprentice

    Revised and expanded edition Paperback, 384 pages, New In Chess

    The first edition of this book appeared in the 90s, published by Everyman. Now we have an enlarged edition, completely re-set in high quality format by New in Chess and containing 237 games played by Russian GM and former world title challenger David Bronstein. These games were played from 1938 to 1996 – a career spanning 58 years.

    David Bronstein’s imagination and fantasy in chess was second to none!

    The extra material in this new edition consists of memorial articles by Bronstein’s wife Tatiana and co-author Tom Furstenberg, with whom Bronstein stayed whilst gallivanting around Europe in the 90s, and 32 pages of black and white photos superbly reproduced on art paper.

    Many of these photos date from distant Soviet times and are of historical interest. Thus we have pictures ranging from David Bronstein at four and a half months(!) of age with his parents, through the days of Soviet chess domination, right up to the last decade of his life. The photos also feature quite a few of his illustrious contemporaries, such as Keres, Smyslov, Szabo, Boleslavsky (whose daughter he married!), Botvinnik, Tal, Fischer, Spassky, etc. as well as historic tournaments and matches. In fact we are happy to admit that we have never seen most of these pictures before!

    After the tributes we have a 40-page chapter showing Bronstein’s brilliant combinational skill – those on the receiving end including such luminaries as Pachman, Kotov, Szabo, Keres, Botvinnik, Euwe, Geller, Korchnoi, Gligoric, Tal, Polugaevsky.

    Then a tribute by former world champion Smyslov on the occasion of Bronstein’s 50th birthday is followed by 50 deeply annotated games, again ranging from an Adults v Juniors tournament at Kiev 1938 to a win against Nikolic in Brussels 1996. Again we have a who’s who of players falling to Bronstein’s wizardry – but also to his technical skill. In addition to the quality of the analysis there are lengthy textual introductions which make fascinating reading and convey Bronstein’s views of his contemporaries and the places he visited.

    After this we have a tribute to Bronstein at the age of 60 by his friend and mentor Boris Vainstain. This leads into 60 games with no notes but with diagrams at short intervals, thereby allowing you to ‘read’ through a game without the need of a chessboard - an idea encouraged by Bronstein himself! These games range from Lipnitsky-Bronstein, Kiev 1938, to De Firmian – Bronstein, Oviedo Rapid 1993.

    This is followed by a 12-page article by Tom Furstenburg on Bronstein at the age of 70 – celebrated by 70 of his most ‘picturesque’ games. And still the story goes on… An interview with Bronstein, followed by nearly 30 pages of text extracted from the lecture on computers that he gave in Holland in 1996. Then comes the final chapter which gives Bronstein’s views on fast time limits “I am of the opinion that competent thinking requires only a few minutes to get the core of a conflict.”

    A fabulous book on a fabulous player. Even if you have the earlier printing you may wish to get this edition too - for the superb production and additional material.

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    Leonard James 1841-62 Tragic Short Life

    The Civil War affected the entire American landscape in ways not always given their due consideration. Not only did it determine the political future of a nation, it influenced the scientific and cultural development of the country as well. The war cost America many of its best and brightest in every venue. James A. Leonard was one such loss: a brilliant up-and-coming chess player in 1861–62 before he made the decision to serve his country during wartime.

    Born November 6, 1841, James A. Leonard was the son of a poor Irish immigrant—but even a poor child could play the game of kings. Leonard grew up in a time when interest in chess was experiencing a revival, and contemporaries such as Paul Morphy, Eugene Delmar and Leonard’s mentor Philip Richardson captured the interest of a country. Leonard defeated a number of the country’s notable chess players and was widely viewed as the “New Morphy.”

    This biography discusses what little is known of Leonard’s life and death but concentrates primarily on Leonard’s ability and his sadly shortened career. Game scores and diagrams from 96 of Leonard’s games are included, with detailed descriptions regarding place, date and opponents.

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    Kashdan Isaac American Grandmaster

    This work chronicles the chess career and games of Grandmaster Isaac Kashdan, one of the leading United States players of the 1930s (along with such notables as Fine and Reshevsky). The main body of the work examines Kashdan’s game play, with diagrams and analysis provided for many hundreds of his tournament games, match games, speed games, simultaneous exhibitions, training games and consultation games. Some games are accompanied by detailed contemporary analyses written by Kashdan and other prominent chess masters of his era. There are numerous photographs, as well as facsimiles of correspondence. Also included are tournament crosstables, and indexes of Kashdan’s opponents.

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    Fischer: Career & Complete Games

    The Ultimate Fischer Collection!
    The years after the Second World War saw international chess dominated by the Soviets – Botvinnik, Smyslov, Tal, Petrosian and then Spassky held the world crown, treating it as if it were almost an integral part of their heritage. There were occasional flashes of brilliance in the West – Reshevsky, Najdorf, and later Larsen – but no one really mounted a serious challenge to the Soviet hegemony.

    Then, in the mid-1950s, a lone genius from Brooklyn emerged. Obsessed with chess, all his waking hours were devoted to finding truth on the 64 squares. It was an unrelenting, sometimes frustrating quest, but he persevered, eventually emerging as perhaps the greatest natural chess talent ever.

    It was clear from his early years as a gifted prodigy through his stormy ascent of the Chess Olympus, no one had ever rocked the chess world quite like Bobby Fischer. His raw genius for the royal game, combined with an indefatigable will to win, made him one of the most feared chessplayers of all time – a genuine living legend.

    Now, for the first time, every one of his 736 tournament and match games is presented with insightful explanations and analysis. Best-selling chess author, German International Grandmaster Karsten Müller, annotates each game of the player many believe to be the greatest of all time.

    These wonderfully annotated games are supplemented by crosstables of every major tournament and match in which Fischer participated, dozens of archival photographs, along with brief comments and observations putting the play of the great champion into historical perspective.

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    Chess Openings Essentials V1 Complete e4

    Chess Opening Essentials: * Helps beginners to develop a solid understanding of fundamental opening ideas * Gives casual players the ability to choose the opening that suits their style and taste * A tool for club players to test and review their opening repertoire * A reference book to which advanced players keep returning

    The authors do not propagate forcing tactical variations to be memorized mechanically, but explain what you should actually be trying to achieve when playing the opening of your choice. They include the main alternative responses and give clear indications for further study.

    * Comprehensive: covers all main variations likely to arise * Easy-to-use: important moves and key positions are highlighted in colour * Long-lasting: it doesn’t outdate because it is about basics – not the latest fashions * Complete: explains the plans and counterplans for both Black and White * Down-to-earth: simple, verbal introductions (not a database dump full of dead trees) * Convenient: every opening is illustrated with a number of instructive games * Prize-winning: received the Golden Award of the Italian Chess Federation

    Chess Opening Essentials helps you to get out of any opening in good shape. This thorough, understandable, and very readable manual gives you a foundation on which to build your repertoire.

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    Chess Openings Essential 3: Indian Def.

    This book helps beginners to develop a solid understanding of fundamental opening play, gives casual players the ability to choose the opening that suits their style and taste, and is a tool for club players to test and review their opening repertoire.

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    Secrets of Opening Surprises V11

    No time to study chess opening theory? Secrets of Opening Surprises (SOS) consists of highly playable, unusual opening ideas. Because an SOS is such an early deviation from the regular lines in mainstream openings (usually before move six), the probability of you being able to bring the variation actually on the board is very high. If you are tired of main lines, if you are looking for simple but effective weapons to perplex your opponent, then you will feel very much at home in the world of SOS.

    Item ID OA151
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    Opening White Anand 12

    The 'Chess Stars Openings' series present an entirely new approach to the study of chess openings, which can provoke the interest of chess players of all levels. Drawing examples from the games of today's leading grandmasters they present the principles of selection and successful employment of a harmonious opening repertoire, corresponding as close as possible to the style of a renowned master.

    Item ID OA152
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    Fundamental Chess Openings

  • The perfect survival guide to the chess openings
  • All openings covered
  • Detailed verbal explanations of plans for both sides
  • Up-to-date and featuring many tips and recommendations
  • Insights into the 'character' of each opening
  • Written by one of the world's foremost opening experts

    The first moves of a chess game define the nature of the whole struggle, as both players stake their claim to the critical squares and start to develop their plans. It is essential to play purposefully and to avoid falling into traps or reaching a position that you don't understand.

    Item ID OA153
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  • OENA16

    English Grandmaster Repetoire 3

    Grandmaster Repertoire is a new series of high quality books based on the main lines, written by strong grandmasters. The aim is to provide the reader with a complete repertoire at a level good enough for elite tournaments, and certainly also for the club championship.

    Mihail Marin’s reputation as a chess author is unsurpassed. In this book he reveals his own white repertoire with 1.c4, the English Opening. Volume One covers 1.c4 e5, and Volume Two will complete the repertoire by covering all Black’s other replies to 1.c4. The theory is state-of-the-art with many novelties suggested, but most useful of all are Marin’s lucid explanations of how to play the resulting positions.

  • A repertoire for White with 1.c4 e5
  • A repertoire that has been tested against grandmasters Written by an award-winning author

    Mihail Marin is a grandmaster from Romania. His previous books for Quality Chess have established him as one of the world’s finest chess authors.

    Item ID OENA16
    Our price $ 34.95


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